Saturday, November 7, 2009

We all know the scene! George McFly frantically tracks down Marty, (who is struggling with ancient bottle-cap technology), and begs him for help in winning the hand of the fair Lorraine! This was actually the second illustration, (yes, I'm aware I am hopping around chronologically! ;p), I did when I started the BTTF series.

This was an exercise focusing primarily on static and background elements like the Pepsi Machine and the vintage Texaco pump, building them up from a series of color shapes to simulate form.

(click on the pic for super close-up action!)

I was particularly pleased with the idealized Pleasantville/Toontown quality of the Hill Valley town square, right down to the, (rather exaggerated), puffy clouds that are about as rare as hen's teeth here in Southern California.

Boy, did Zemeckis and his crew luck out THAT day when they were filming! :)

You wouldn't believe how many George's I went through just to get to this one that I am only still partially happy with! I figured that because Crispin Glover had such amazingly severe sculpted features that he would be easy to caricature but it couldn't have been further from the truth! LOL! Crispin made me work for it!

On a related and serendipitous note, (serendipity is very big in my world), a few weeks after I did this piece I was up in Pasa Robles attending a friend's wedding and found this in an amazing antiques store up there!

A perfectly restored Texaco pump exactly like the one in the film. Hell, from it's condition I wouldn't be surprised if it was the one from the film. If I had a spare $3,500 it would be in front of my garage right now! LOL!
More to come! ;)


  1. Your Krispin Glover is only slightly less creepy then the REAL Crispin, so I think ya hit that one on the head.

    Awww.... I miss Paso Robles. All my formative Highschool years were up there. Wonder if it was anyone I know getting married in 'ol Paso. :)

    ~Kim Hickey

  2. LOL! Apparently the animated Crispin is as difficult to work with as the REAL one! ;)

  3. Dude, I was so hoping you had bought that gas pump. It would have looked outstanding outside your garage!