Monday, January 11, 2010

Dare I?

This one's giving me the shakes a little bit.
I mean,....there are few movies in the world of geek-dom that inspire such reverence as the original Raiders of the Lost Ark. Something tells me there's no middle ground on this one. You either capture it or you don't.
But if I put it up HERE then I HAVE to finish it because the sketch bears witness to the drawing to come and so I guess I'm gonna do Indy,...scars and all,....and perhaps I won't make too poor a showing for the old boy.
I was pleased enough with the initial sketch that I didn't throw myself off of a cliff like a screaming Nazi in a jeep but this one's got me on edge.
If I'm able to pull this one off then I'll HAVE to do one with Marion,....("I always knew one day you'd come walking back through my door", springs immediately to mind),...and trying to translate Karen Allen to an animation design and still retain her Karen Allen-ness is gonna rob me of sleep! LOL!
Wish me luck, readers! Some Indy-style, not-dying-in-a-hail-of-angry-Bible-ghosts kind of luck!
I think I'm gonna need it. :p

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A very,(belated),Christmas Story!

Awright, so I'm late!....

I feel bad. I really do, (not that any of you are gonna fall down crying because I didn't make the Christmas Illustration on time), but it's year-one of this silly experiment known as my art blog so I'm still working out the kinks!

Merry Christmas everybody! Several weeks late but now that I am back in town and finally have access to all mah drawin' things, I was able to finish this little tribute to one of my favorite Christmas films of all time!

A Christmas Story. Based off of Jean Shepherd's charming little story In God we trust, all others must pay cash and directed by the saintly, (rest his soul), Bob Clark.

You know the scene! Randy jams his little face into his food with Melinda Dillon coaxing him on with her infectious laughter as the rest of the family looks on in horror.

It took forever to get the feel of the Parker's kitchen right and while I cannot say I am 100% pleased with it, (though I think my learning curve is getting shallower), I felt okay with abandoning, (works of art are never finished), it at this point.

So here is "Mommy's little Piggy!" until next Christmas when, I assure you my dear blog readers, I WILL have an illo done on time. ;)

Stay tuned for a peek at a certain whip-cracking archaeologist as well as a new bunch of studies that I think I will call, The Amity Series.

No,....not the house in Long Island but rather an island that is long.

"Amity, as you know,...means friendship."