Monday, January 11, 2010

Dare I?

This one's giving me the shakes a little bit.
I mean,....there are few movies in the world of geek-dom that inspire such reverence as the original Raiders of the Lost Ark. Something tells me there's no middle ground on this one. You either capture it or you don't.
But if I put it up HERE then I HAVE to finish it because the sketch bears witness to the drawing to come and so I guess I'm gonna do Indy,...scars and all,....and perhaps I won't make too poor a showing for the old boy.
I was pleased enough with the initial sketch that I didn't throw myself off of a cliff like a screaming Nazi in a jeep but this one's got me on edge.
If I'm able to pull this one off then I'll HAVE to do one with Marion,....("I always knew one day you'd come walking back through my door", springs immediately to mind),...and trying to translate Karen Allen to an animation design and still retain her Karen Allen-ness is gonna rob me of sleep! LOL!
Wish me luck, readers! Some Indy-style, not-dying-in-a-hail-of-angry-Bible-ghosts kind of luck!
I think I'm gonna need it. :p


  1. That sketch is already better the Crystal Skull F@#k movie.

  2. LOL! Say what you mean, my man!
    Best first comment EVER! :p

  3. Let me know if you want to borrow my indy hat. If you wear it while drawing it may help you get into character. You should draw the scene where he shots the guy in the market. lol. That's my favorite part!

  4. You had me at, "if you want to borrow my Indy hat!" LOL!

  5. My favorite Indiana Jones is Temple of Doom, but it was probably because it featured this weird eye ball soup.

    Nice sketch! And we're all waiting to see the colored version. *pressure* :)

  6. good,but it would be better if it goes with color.
    canvas art

  7. Sketch, background and animation is good nut need to improvement in color scheme