Monday, March 8, 2010

Where does the time go?

Well where oh where have the first few months of 2010 gone? Incidentally, for you anime fans out there, this is supposed to be the year the Macross lands if you believe in Robotech mythos, LOL!
I, myself, will be sitting somewhere in the South Pacific on a yacht watching intently through my binoculars with baited breath, but I digress.
I finally checked back with this dusty blog and was surprised to see some comments on the good Doctor Jones piece as well as a few requests for color.
I thought, "well, it's not anywhere NEAR to being done but why not oblige and show the process, "warts and all".
This is a color sketch and nothing more. The background color is a tonal placeholder so the other colors have something to play off of, albeit temporarily.
It's only a portion of the bigger piece but here it is in lieu of a finished illustration!
Back at work after a long, "at home" vacation so now I will be able to work back in on this Indy piece and finish it before the next film comes out,....which should rightly be titled Indiana Jones 5,...the apology. ;)
Happy 2010 everybody! More drawings to do!

And without further adieu,...

Step two!

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