Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Engagement photo shoot story!


As I understand it,....once a male, (surprisingly even this one), is able to secure a mate, (or in my case stumble accidentally into one), you get married, build a life and, God willing, live happily ever after.
But before one gets married, one must get engaged and apparently along with said engagement, (along with the notoriously expensive ring that's supposed to cost you three months salary according to retailers), comes PHOTOS!
Well, fortunately for me, I'm marrying a woman who is, (and even I cannot believe this), even more of a cartoon and animation nerd than me. She also loves vintage, and she loves to play dress up so when she suggested we get our engagement photos done in downtown LA at the beautiful and historic, (built in 1939), Union Station, I was like,...."Uh,.....okay." ;)
Union station looks like something out of a 1930's Superman serial. It's like walking into another time. Everything Deco and streamline and just astonishing to the eye. One of the few remaining examples of the old Los Angeles. The LA I mourn never having known.
So when we walked into the joint dressed like something out of LA Confidential and dragging vintage luggage and steamer trunk, you can imagine the looks we got.
Now, because I'M a nerd as well, I start to notice, over the course of the shoot, that we bear a striking resemblance to one of our favorite films and I may or may not look like a young, (youngER?), Eddie Valliant.
So every so often, I notice that both Kelly and I are leaving "space" between us in some of the shots. Perhaps an empty chair here,.....some room between us there,..."Space for what?" we may have thought, (as if we weren't onto eachother's game already), while the photographers clicked away. ;)
So with my crappy cell-phone camera photos as a base plate, I did a few "test-shots" just as a proof of concept.
I showed em' to Kelly who immediately authorized me to do more.

...........I think I'm marrying the right girl! LOL!

Now, just so you know,....we're not complete morons. The album and the majority of the photos we have will NOT have animated cartoon characters cavorting through them. They're gonna be straight, (albeit thematic), photos,.....

But there's a few shots,......just a few that scream for,....."additional material". :p

Judge our nerdiness not too harshly, my friends. You know this madness is somewhere in you! I say embrace it.

I shall lead by example,....

Here we see a behind the scenes shot as Kelly "strikes a pose in vintage clothes", just after an enthusiastic friend wandered into the shot.

That is, most definitely NOT all, folks,....

Stay tooned for more,......Looniness.

And that about uses up my bad pun quota for 2011. ;)

......The train to Toontown is boarding! God forgive me,.....Hop on! ;)