Sunday, November 8, 2009

For my fellow finheads!

I apologize to those of you who may have seen this image a kajillion times but now that I have an "official" place for my movie/toon related junk this is where it's gonna live!

Besides, though this image has made an appearance on a few boards nobody has seen the high-res version of it, (click-a-the-pic!)

I waffled on posting this one for a few reasons,...first, it's old! LOL! Old as dirt. I did this thing a thousand years ago when I still drew on paper! (been all-digital for six years now).

Second,'s not a great drawing but I think it's a case of the whole being bigger than the sum of it's parts kind of thing.

This of course, is the movie version of the Rocketeer with the graphic novel version of "Jenny" aka "Betty" which was NOT supposed to be Jennifer Connelly but rather, (and to you finheads I know you already know this one), cult pinup queen Bettie Page.

Stay tuned for more scenes from this amazing, brilliant film inspired by the work of the late, (rip, sir), VERY great Dave Stevens.

I know Disney dicked you over on the film and wouldn't release the rights back to you but screw em, man. You'll still get the last laugh.

Oh! And incidentally,.....finhead is the term Rocketeer aficionados refer to themselves as.

Take a peep at the helmet and it all makes sense! ;)

Hood ornaments,....they all look like hood ornaments. Fear not, fellas! The new illustrations will put this here lil' fella to shame! ;)

More to come!