Monday, November 9, 2009

A little tease,...

I was happy enough at a first pass of this scene to put up a little WIP,...(that's work in progress, for the uninitiated).
Now, I'm sure it aint' gonna take a rocket scientist to guess what I'm working on but for those who may not be as rabid film-geeks as the miscreants in the circle I travel in, I'll give you a little hint,...
"Well,..Most of the original staff knows about the twelfth floor,...the disturbances, I mean!"
That's all you're gonna get but most of the folks I know who'll be seeing this guessed it before they read a single word! LOL!
I've been meaning to do these drawings for years.
I'm completely psyched that I'm finally starting! LOL!
This one may take a while but I promise, it'll be worth the wait! ;)


  1. FIRST!

    Um, I mean....

    Dude, this is frakkin' outstanding. I mean, purely and completely outstanding.

  2. Thanks, man! More to come! Working on Egon today! ;)