Wednesday, October 17, 2012


As luck would have it this year, I am having some success with completing my annual "Fun Halloween" illustrations! This year's subject,...The Real Ghostbusters because it's badass.

The End.

I was surprised, (well kinda but not really), at the reaction so many of the lads, (and a few ladies, to be fair), had to sexy Janine in her witch costume.

I long suspected I wasn't the only one out there with an affinity for Miss Melnitz so I decided she needed her own stand-alone, (Well except for Slimer).

So I hope you enjoy Halloween Janine!

Off to work up another,....methinks pumpkin carving,....RGB style,...perhaps with a particle thrower. :-P

And again,....HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Now everyone go work on your costumes!


  1. Love your line quality. I really struggle with that. Do you do your cleanups in PS, or...? Great work!

  2. It's all in Photoshop, Frank. It's taken me years to get to a place where I like the line quality as well. I worked on Janine at 300 dpi but I've gone as high as 500 for bigger pieces.
    Thanks for the kind words.