Friday, October 12, 2012


Welcome, blog readers to this holiest of holy months,...October and in this hallowed, (pun intended), month sits the greatest of holidays,...Halloween. Now initially,...this Amazing Colossal Movie Art Blog was started with the original intent to explore the concept of turning my favorite live action films into their animated counterparts but sometimes,....a thing simply cannot be improved upon.
Case in point, of the smartest written and most clever shows to grace the after-school television screens of my early adolescence.

The Real Ghostbusters.

While the various episodes, (upwards of 130 and change, all said and done and once in syndication), varied in quality, a casualty of the early days of outsourcing to multiple studios, the writing was nothing short of cannon when it came to the look, feel and spirit of the original film.

Before it lost it's way and became Slimer and The Real Ghostbusters, I went back day after day for my daily dose of Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston, Janine and yes,...even Slimer. The Snarf of the series but he still had some very Belushi moments in the first two seasons.

So Above you see my tribute, (perhaps one of several this month if I can sneak the time), to one of the greatest shows of my toon-addicted generation and because I love seeing process,....I also love sharing process.

The image started as the loosest of loose thumbnail sketches that looked like I'd put the stylus in my left hand, closed my eyes and went for it.

I had a rough idea of where I wanted everybody and what I wanted them to be doing. Next up, came the tie-down.

The poses and proportions are tweaked and refined, Slimer is added and I begin to get fussy about the models. Next up, final cleanup line. I am a sucker for the kind of self-colored ink lines commonly practiced by Disney, Warners and Bluth so I always end up putting it in.

And here we see the final line before the final color pass. The "Happy Halloween" is added on the pumpkins and I throw a glow effect in once it's gone. I used a similar process for Slimer's ambient glow as well.

Hope you all enjoy! Perhaps I'll try another one soon! Now get to work on your costumes!


  1. That is nothing short of amazing Sean! I bow before your talent! Happy Hallowe'en and thank you for posting :) Cheers

  2. Thanks, Dan! Back atchya. I think you are a like-minded fan when it comes to Halloween inspired art. If only we had more time, eh?