Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh he's the king of the swingers! The jungle VIP!

As much as King Louie would love to claim that title I think it has to go to his Disney cousin, Tarzan here.
The feature had, in my opinion, the greatest animation seen in a Disney film since the jungle book, (Kerchack, oh how your performance haunts me), and the most awesome Disney heroine, (Jane, not Terk), I think ever, ("And Daddy! he took my BOOT!").
So when I had the good fortune to end up working on The Legend of Tarzan at Disney television, I dove at the chance.
Now as a crew, we knew we were gonna be limited to what we could do but we still pushed the envelope as much as a television budget would allow, up to and including some innovative digital techniques for casting a variety of canopy shadows on the characters.
There were a lot of tiny cheats afforded us by digital technology that would not have been possible ten years ago and for this reason, I think Tarzan stands out in the Disney stable as far as it's most ambitious feature-based series.
The image above, while not from the series itself, was done while I was on it. I loved drawing the characters and I think Jane and Tantor were my stand out favorites.
I was also fortunate enough to direct, (sort of), two episodes of the series.
Tarzan and One-punch Mullargan and Tarzan and the Rogue Elephant.
I never saw either of them when they aired and I think I went onto House of Mouse before the shows even came back for post but thanks to the magic of the internets,.....
Though I must admit, when I saw my name as directed by I shrieked like a tiny child.
I was a small part, but I got to be a part! :)
Storyboards from Tarzan and the Rogue Elephant to come,........for no other reason than I went to the trouble to scan em' in so they're gonna go up somewhere! :)

Have a great weekend everybody!

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