Friday, September 17, 2010

It's a jungle out there!

So as promised, (like I really believe any of you were running to the computer saying, "Oh God! When will the next blog post be up? He promised!"), here are some storyboard selects from Disney's The Legend of Tarzan!
I think,...and don't quote me on this,...I think this was from the pilot episode as the camera pulls back from Kala to reveal the rest of the apes. As the family watches, you eventually see Tarzan tree-surf his butt past the group doing his Tarzan thing.
I really, really enjoyed drawing the apes. I loved their varying designs but I still lament that they killed off Kerchack in the film. I mean, it makes sense and it's a great story beat but MAN would I loved to have drawn him! :)
Click on the pic for a bigger image!
More to come later!

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