Monday, May 9, 2011

Huge-Ass cartoon crowd shot! Engagement photo take TWO!

Well,.....THIS one took me a while! :p

And I still don't think I'm quite done tweaking it but I think if I don't abandon this piece right now so my poor fiance' can finish getting our "save-the-date" cards printed up she may end up a widow before we even reach the altar. ;)

In other words,....she'll wring my neck.

But I figured we're only doing this once so why not do it with some style,......and style takes time. One cannot rush style, must obey it. ;)

So in the continuing trend of our Who Framed Roger Rabbit inspired engagement photos comes,.....THE BIG ONE.

The Grand Central Station, (if you'll pardon the pun), of cartoon crowds for this series.

There's a whole frame load of about thirty or so characters who at any given point in time, occupy a special place in my heart. It's late so I'm not gonna enumerate the crowd just yet but while I may not have a prize to give, you will have my eternal respect if you can pick out some of the more obscure-er ones.
There's a few of them,.....and I still ran out of room for the penguin who cries ice cubes. ;)

Oh well,....we'll get him in the next one. ;)