Friday, February 11, 2011

Engagement Photo Progress!

Like anyone but a handful of people even care! LOL!

But SOME do so,.....on I go! ;)

To tell you the truth,....this engagement photo retouching is the only thing Amazing, Colossal, movie or art related I have right now! Busy year and it's not even mid-February yet!

Besides, the whole purpose of this blog is to keep the artistic gears lubed by drawing animation style stuff from my favorite cartoons and films, right?

No better candidate for that than good ol' Roger Rabbit! Besides,....I love drawing these characters. It's good for my tiny fun-starved soul! :p

Now originally it was just supposed to be Roger, Kelly and I in one or two shots,.....but now, as most projects I seem to take on, it is growing beyond my control.

Jessica,(seen above in this test shot), is now appearing in some of the shots as well as Baby Herman,......later on you may see the likes of Benny the Cab, certain Bunnies and Mice,.....a few penguins perhaps and possibly a rogue flying elephant,.....

Can't help it! Sometimes our art grows beyond even the confines of our minds.

Stay tuned for more "loony selections for a bunch of drunken reprobates", as ol' Judge Doom would say.

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