Wednesday, December 16, 2009

...Tis' the season!

Greetings fellow blog-lookers!
A few things,....
First, a big thank you to all who participated in the Hey You Guys charity auction. Those of you that showed interest helped make it, from what I understand, the most successful one they've ever done and I am personally speechless at the response to the Ghostbusters piece. I cannot thank you folks enough.
Second,... It's been a busy end of the year but I am working feverishly before my sabbatical to do my first annual Christmas illustration!
It's entitled, "Momma's Little Piggy" and for all you fellow nerds out there,.....I'm sure that's clue enough. If not,.....perhaps I will go sketch the rest of this piece by the light of my leg lamp,...which, as we all know, a major award!


  1. The Old Man looks great so far!

  2. LOL! And this is moments before the lamp arrives! ;)